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Librarians as Technology Coaches

using technology to enhance learning.

Designer Librarian

Professional Development is needed for teachers!

Today, a post in the Chronicle of Higher Education caught my eye. It discussed the results of the latest Campus Computing Project’s annual survey of senior technology administrators. The number one concern of IT administrators in the survey was helping faculty members integrate technology into teaching. I agree with this 100%.

However, for many IT administrators, the meaning of technology integration is using technology to deliver instruction.

That’s not how I view technology integration. My view comes from instructional design and technology, which sees it as using technology to enhance learning. That requires far more than technological skills. It requires technological, pedagogical and content knowledge.

Librarians are uniquely situated to serve as technology coaches and provide this type of training. And a couple of comments on the post show me that there are other librarians out there who recognize this.

So what does it take for a librarian to…

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Sociedad de la Información

“¿Qué rasgos la definen? ¿En qué aspectos resulta novedosa? ¿En qué medida puede cambiar la vida de nuestros países? ¿Qué limitaciones tiene ese nuevo contexto?” Estas son algunas de las preguntas que guían el análisis de Raúl Trejo Delarbe en su paper.

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Orden global y dimensiones locales en el universo digital